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Miami’s Most Notable Recent Fraud Cases


Miami is a hub for business, and many entrepreneurs became incredibly successful in this area with a wide range of different products and services. Unfortunately, fraud and scams are also common in Miami, and some of the products that are being sold here either don’t exist or are not what customers think. Over the past few weeks, there have been a number of notable fraud cases that illustrate what might go wrong if businesses attempt to engage in these kinds of activities. But what can you do if you’ve been accused of fraud?

Miami Has a New Real Estate Scam That Targets Venezuelans 

On October 11th, it was reported that a Venezuelan couple had successfully impersonated a number of property owners, using fake passports to obtain $10 million in loans. The people they impersonated were for the most part high-ranking Venezuelan government officials and business leaders, such as Luid Carlos de Leon-Perez. Essentially, these people were using other people’s homes as collateral to get loans that they didn’t even own. They also stayed in the homes while knowing that the Venezuelan elite owners could not return to the States due to sanctions and in some cases imprisonment.

Group of Auto Thieves Conduct Massive Scam 

On October 14th, it was reported that a group of car thieves had been pulling off a massive scam for years. The group first rented out cars or stole them before “re-vinning” them. “Re-vinning” involves putting a legitimate VIN on the front dash, giving a stolen car the appearance of being legal. The thieves were able to rake in more than $1 million in auto sales in this manner. The police only became aware of the scam because they attempted to ship the cars out of the state, at which point detectives from Sea Port Operations became aware of the entire scam. While the police have arrested numerous members of this criminal organization, there are reportedly a number of them still on the loose.

Police Officer Accused of Credit Card Fraud 

On October 10th, it was reported that a police officer had been charged with credit card fraud. The individual apparently pawned his service pistol and AR-15 for a few hundred dollars. In addition, police found a credit card belonging to a co-worker in his possession. It was later determined that he had made $1,500 worth of purchases on the card – apparently buying new firearms at the same pawn shop that purchased his service weapons.

Where Can I Find a Fraud Lawyer in Miami? 

If you’ve been searching for a Miami business & financial disputes lawyer, look no further than Alhalel Law. Whether you are a victim of fraud or you’ve been accused of carrying it out, we’re here to help. With a qualified attorney at your side, it becomes easier to deal with this situation in a confident, efficient manner. Book your consultation today and get started with an effective action plan.





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