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Miami Business Attorney > Miami Partnership & Shareholder Disputes & Dissolutions Attorney

Miami Partnership & Shareholder Disputes & Dissolutions Attorney

Internal disputes can be more destructive to a company than threats from the outside. Alhalel Law will work to resolve internal disputes internally where possible, maintaining personal and professional relationships on the inside and a positive external reputation as well. When litigation can’t be avoided, our firm provides representation from a seasoned trial lawyer with success in the most complex commercial litigation involving partnerships, LLCs, and corporations.

Miami Partnership Disputes

Partnerships almost always begin with all parties seeing eye-to-eye about a shared vision for mutual success. However, sometimes things just don’t work out that way. A partnership might turn sour for a number of different reasons, but the most common partnership disputes tend to involve parties who rely on oral partnership agreements rather than clearly defined terms laid out in a written partnership or shareholder agreement.

Disputes that generally follow oral agreements often concern issues such as distributions, percentage of ownership, governance and management disagreements, and executive compensation. In short, partnership disputes can result from any breach of trust, real or perceived, between one or more partners against another.

A well-drafted partnership, shareholder, or operating agreement can help protect all parties involved in a partnership, corporation or limited liability company in the event of a dispute, and can help bring these disputes to a fast and mutually acceptable resolution if/when they do arise.

Shareholder Disputes

Corporate officers and directors owe contractual, statutory and fiduciary duties to the corporation and the shareholders they serve. Shareholders who disagree with corporate decisions or suspect violations such as fraud, self-dealing or conflicts of interests, might bring derivative suits against the officers and directors on behalf of the corporation. Shareholders may mean well and certainly have a right to protect their corporate interests, but they may lack a working knowledge of day-to-day operations at the company or insight into major business decisions. Shareholder derivative suits bring up complex legal and factual issues whether dealing with daily operational decisions or major decisions affecting the company at the corporate level.

Comprehensive Representation in Miami Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

Alhalel Law provides strategic advice and professional representation in a full range of partnership and shareholder disputes, including:

  • Breaches of fiduciary duty
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Contract disputes
  • Disbursement of dividends
  • Executive or managerial compensation
  • Buyout terms
  • Disbursement of assets at merger, acquisition, dissolution or business succession
  • Deadlocked shareholder votes
  • Majority and minority shareholder rights
  • LLC member rights
  • Partner rights

With years of expertise in commercial litigation, Joshua R. Alhalel has extensive experience representing clients involved in all types of business and partnership disputes in state and federal courts in Florida and throughout the United States. For help with your business or corporate matter in Miami, call Alhalel Law at 305-563-9060.

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