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Miami Business Attorney > Miami Business Law & Commercial Litigation Attorney

Miami Business Law & Commercial Litigation Attorney

Helping Individuals and Businesses Throughout Miami and Surrounding Areas

Alhalel Law represents businesses and individuals in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties in complex commercial and general civil litigation matters. Our firm has extensive experience prosecuting and defending clients in varied business disputes in state and federal courts in Florida and throughout the United States. We work diligently to keep our clients out of court. But if litigation cannot be avoided, we fight aggressively and tirelessly for your rights, working to win and always keeping your goals in mind. The combination of our knowledge, skill, and passion allows us to assist our clients in resolving their disputes as efficiently as possible. Solving complex legal issues is what we do best.

Our Miami business, commercial, and general civil litigation practice includes all of the following practices areas. Call Alhalel Law for assistance with your most pressing legal needs.

Contract Disputes

Whether written or oral, express or implied, a contract lies at the heart of every business transaction. Parties can disagree over the terms of the contract and the meaning of provisions, or whether any valid contract was formed in the first place.

Business Torts

Business owners can find themselves on either side of a legal dispute alleging fraud, unfair competition, or deceptive business practices. Business tort claims might involve specific Florida or federal statutes, or general principles of common law. Questions of liability, fault and appropriate remedies, including money damages and injunctions, can be hard-fought and complex.

Labor and Employment Disputes

The labor and employment law practice at Alhalel Law includes representing employers facing individual or class-action claims alleging unpaid overtime wages. We also represent company executives and employees regarding the validity and enforcement of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Your intellectual property is every bit as valuable and important as the goods or services you sell, if not more so. We prosecute and defend copyright and trademark infringement cases to protect your brand and your valuable IP portfolio, and get compensation for harm or loss caused by infringement.

Real Estate and Construction Litigation

Our comprehensive real estate litigation practice encompasses title disputes, boundary disputes, realtor malpractice, escrow disputes, and more. In the area of construction litigation, Alhalel Law takes on cases involving design professional malpractice, insurance coverage claims and contract disputes, mechanic’s liens, and construction defect claims.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Alhalel Law represents landlords and tenants in security deposit disputes, eviction proceedings, premises liability, nuisance, property damage, holdover tenants, and all the myriad rights and obligations imposed on landlords and tenants under Florida law.

Homeowners’ and Condominium Association Disputes

Whether you are a property owner or unit owner or a director of a Miami HOA or condo association, Alhalel Law provides concise, thorough, and effective representation in disputes surrounding the enforcement of association rules, the collection of delinquent assessments, lien foreclosures, and other legal issues that impact life in a Florida HOA or COA.

Partnership and Shareholder Disputes and Dissolutions

We represent our individual and corporate clients in matters involving contract and compensation disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, director and officer liability, majority and minority shareholder rights, and the many internal disputes that can arise from the smallest partnership to the largest corporation.

Products Liability

Product manufacturers can be held strictly liable for injuries caused by defects in the design, manufacturing, or product labeling that render a product defectively dangerous. Our product defect litigation practice includes household consumer goods, automotive defects, workplace machinery, and more.

Personal Injury

Alhalel Law represents plaintiffs injured by the negligence of another in Miami car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, rideshare (Uber/Lyft) accidents, scooter accidents, slip and fall premises liability accidents, and other instances where one party has breached the duty of care they owed to another.

Director and Officer Liability

Corporate directors and officers owe fiduciary duties to shareholders to put the interests of the company ahead of their personal interests. Shareholders may have the company’s best interests at heart, but they might not have the expertise or experience to correctly second-guess decisions made by corporate management. We represent parties in corporate D&O litigation and shareholder derivative suits throughout Miami and surrounding areas.

Commercial Collections

Running a successful business is hard enough without having to deal with commercial collections. Alhalel Law helps with business-to-business collections by taking this essential yet time-consuming task off your plate. Through demand letters and negotiations, we can solve these problems for you quickly and effectively. If a lawsuit is necessary and appropriate, our firm has the extensive trial skills and experience needed for a successful result.

Accounting Malpractice

Like other professionals, accountants are held to the standard of skill and competence expected of other members of their profession. In its own way, though, accounting is both a science and an art, and determining whether an accountant’s business decisions and judgment were improper or not can require complex business litigation to resolve.

Foreclosure Litigation

Florida has a judicial foreclosure process, and parties may have many claims and defenses when it comes to foreclosure. Alhalel Law litigates foreclosure issues ranging from fraud and predatory lending to lack of required disclosures and technical errors in the judicial process.

Business and Financial Disputes

Our experienced commercial litigation attorney conducts effective settlement negotiations or aggressive litigation as is called for by the case. Sometimes maintaining a positive working business relationship is just as important as resolving the current dispute, if not more so. We implement a strategy in line with your short-term and long-term goals.

Bank Liability Litigation

Who is liable for forged checks, altered checks or unauthorized withdrawals? What happens if the bank disseminates an inaccurate statement or fails to forward a scheduled disbursement on time? Alhalel Law handles lender liability and banking litigation across the spectrum of banking legal matters.

Fraudulent Transfer Litigation

The Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (UFTA) exists in part to keep defendants in the midst of litigation or when claims are imminent from divesting their assets to avoid liability for valid debts. Alhalel Law litigates fraudulent transfer claims and other complex commercial matters with Miami business clients of all sizes.

Call Alhalel Law for Help With Complex Commercial Litigation in Miami

For help with complex commercial litigation and related matters in Miami, call Alhalel Law at 305-563-9060. We put years of experience to work battling for you and working to resolve your legal matter efficiently and effectively.

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