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Miami Business Attorney > Miami Real Estate & Construction Litigation Attorney

Miami Real Estate & Construction Litigation Attorney

Parties to real estate and construction disputes have a great deal at stake. When it comes to real estate transactions and ownership, every piece of property has its own unique characteristics. Real property buyers and sellers put a great deal of time, energy and expense into finding the perfect property or qualified buyer and making the deal happen. Disputes can send the parties back to square one to start the whole process all over again. In the case of construction projects, every day lost to a dispute is money out of the pockets of developers, investors, contractors and subcontractors. Construction litigation needs to be resolved efficiently for the sake of everybody’s interests in the project.

Alhalel Law approaches real estate and construction litigation with the twin aims of resolving the matter efficiently and economically, yet always with the client’s needs and goals foremost in mind. Call Alhalel Law for help with your real estate or construction legal dispute in Miami for practical advice and strategic representation to get the deal done in your best interests.

Miami Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Alhalel Law handles the full range of real estate disputes that arise at any point during property ownership, from purchase to sale and everything in between. Alhalel Law is ready to resolve your dispute in any of the following areas:

  • Title Disputes – One can’t convey property when there is a cloud on the title. We work to cure the defect and clear that cloud so the deal can go through. We seek declaratory judgments and injunctions as appropriate, as well as suits to quiet title when it appears others might have spurious claims to the property. We represent parties in disputes alleging fraudulent deed conveyances as well as claims alleging that title insurance companies haven’t performed their role properly.
  • Insufficient Seller Property Disclosures
  • Agent/Broker Malpractice – Realtors have fiduciary relationships with their clients. Negligence and malpractice might including lying to or withholding facts from a buyer to get a sale related to the condition of the property or other relevant facts.
  • Foreclosure Representation
  • Real Estate Fraud – Foreclosure bailout fraud schemes, home equity fraud, home renovation fraud, rental fraud, timeshare fraud
  • Escrow Irregularities

Miami Construction Litigation Lawyer

Chapter 558 of the Florida Statutes was created for the express purpose of reducing the quantity of construction defect litigation while still maintaining protections for Florida property owners. Before filing a lawsuit alleging a construction defect, property owners are required to give the contractor a notice of the defect and an opportunity to fix it (or for the insurance company to settle the claim without litigation). If the problem is not resolved, litigation might be required.

Alhalel Law represents parties in Miami construction defect claims involving design errors, claims of shoddy workmanship, the use of substandard materials, or code violations. Our firm handles cases involving both obvious (patent) and hidden (latent) defects, including structural defects, faulty wiring, roof leaks, leaking windows or sliding glass doors, mold and moisture encroachment, cracked foundation, drywall or stucco, ponding on patio decks, subsidence and drainage issues, and more.

In addition to construction defect claims, Alhalel Law handles a multitude of other issues in the area of construction litigation, including:

  • Design professional malpractice
  • Insurance coverage claims
  • Contract disputes
  • Construction worksite and premises Injury claims
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Payment and performance bonds
  • Stop notices

Call Alhalel Law to Discuss Your Miami Real Estate or Construction Dispute

For help with real estate and construction litigation in Miami, call Alhalel Law at 305-563-9060. No matter the issue, we’ll approach your case thoughtfully and strategically, prepared to resolve your dispute efficiently, effectively, and with your legal rights and business interests protected and promoted.

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