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Miami Product Liability Attorney 

Companies manufacture a massive amount of consumer products every year, and the vast majority of these items are safe and suited for their intended purposes. However, statistics indicate that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issues more than 400 product recalls every year, while other government agencies recall almost 7,000 dangerous items and pharmaceuticals. While these actions may prevent countless injuries, victims who have already suffered bodily harm may also sustain significant losses as a result.

If you were hurt because of a dangerous, defective consumer product, it is important to realize that Florida law protects your interests as a victim. These claims are based upon products liability concepts, and our team at Alhalel Law has extensive experience representing clients through the legal process. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Miami product liability attorney who can provide details, and read on for some information about your legal remedies.

Overview of Florida Defective Products Laws 

While many personal injury laws are based upon negligence, cases involving dangerous consumer goods typically proceed under the theory of strict liability. You do not need to prove that the manufacturer was at fault with this type of products liability case; however, you do need evidence showing that the item was dangerous because of defects, and these issues were the cause of your injuries.

Generally, there are three types of flaws that can give rise to a products liability claim: 

  1. Defects in the manufacturing process, which affect a single lot or batches of goods;
  2. Design defects that impact an entire line of products that were produced according to a faulty blueprint; and
  3. Labelling errors related to safety matters and product warnings. 

How an Attorney Can Help with Your Legal Remedies

Compensation in Florida products liability case is based upon the losses you suffer and the monetary amount that will make you whole. Therefore, you may qualify to obtain economic damages for the medical bills you incur for treatment and any lost wages from days off work. It is also possible to recover noneconomic damages for pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and other subjective losses.

Our Miami products liability lawyers at Alhalel Law are dedicated to ensuring you receive fair compensation from the manufacturer, shipping, and other potential parties. We will tackle such tasks as:

  • Conducting an investigation and gathering evidence;
  • Preparing paperwork and demand to the manufacturer;
  • Engaging in discussions in an attempt to resolve your claim via settlement;
  • Working with other counsel in a products liability case that is proceeding as a class action; and
  • Filing a lawsuit in court to obtain monetary damages for your losses.

Discuss Your Legal Remedies with a Miami Products Liability Attorney

While this summary of Florida defective products laws is informative, you will still need to retain experience legal counsel for assistance. Alhalel Law is ready to tackle the essential tasks and guide you through the process, so please contact our firm today. You can call 305.563.9060 or visit our website to set up a free consultation with one of our Miami products liability lawyers.

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